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Thermal Grizzly


Thermal Grizzly

Thermal Grizzly was founded in 2013 as a sole proprietorship by Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Wolf Eike Salow in Hamburg. In 2015, the first thermal paste was launched after Eike Salow entered into a collaboration with B. Eng. Roman Hartung (der8auer e.K.) for product development.
"Heat conductors represent a weak point in heat transfer between the heat transfer medium and the heat sink. Our aim is to eliminate this weak point. The idea of achieving this goal with high-performance heat conducting products has been around for several years" says Eike Salow.

We are aware of the very high expectations of the constantly growing overclocker scene for high-performance cooling solutions - our aim is to exceed these expectations. To underline our claim, we worked closely with the "Extreme Overclocker" Roman Hartung during product development. Thanks to Roman Hartung's fame in the overclocker scene, Thermal Grizzly quickly gained an excellent reputation. Roman alias "der8auer" was an active overclocker himself at the time and developed his first products such as LN2 pots. Other "der8auer" products quickly followed.




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