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Начало Кабели Мрежови кабели Patch cable UTP Cat. 5e 10m, Value, 21.99.0510

Patch cable UTP Cat. 5e 10m, Value, 21.99.0510

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Connection cable for structured building cabling
  • Impedance: 100W
  • Prepared cable with unshielded RJ-45 plug on both ends (without coding)
  • Contanct settings 1:1 in accordance with EIA / TIA 568, 8 lines
  • Construction: Internal line 8 wires copper wire
  • Colour: black
  • For a structured Cat.5e UTP Cabling we recommend to use the following components:
    The following products combination has been tested and certified from the accredited german test lab GHMT, Certification No. P1325a-04-D, in a Class D Channel of 100 meters:
    21.15.0511 ROLINE UTP Cable, Cat.5e, solid wire, AWG24
    25.16.8506 ROLINE Flush Mounting Boxes, Cat.5e, unshielded
    26.11.0349 ROLINE 19" Patch Panel, Cat.5e, 24 Port, unshielded


    Conductor type   Wire
    Conductor cross section (AWG)   AWG 22
    Quantity of wires   8
    Colour (Cable)   black
    Colour (Spout)   black
    Twisted   No
    Impedance   100 Ohm
    Halogen free cable   No
    Length   10m
    Product group   Twisted Pair Cable
    Shield type   UTP
    Conveyance good   No
    Connector Type RJ45   Standard
    Transfer quality   Cat. 5e / Class D



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