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Начало Периферия Мултимедия Antenna TV DVB-T 20db, Indoor, LogiLink VG0017

Antenna TV DVB-T 20db, Indoor, LogiLink VG0017

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Indoor DVB-T antenna
Frame type standing unit
20 ± 3 dB of gain
Low noise amplifier technology
UHF and VHF reception
2 Powering methods
DC 12V/250mA power supply or
DV 5V via STB (Coaxial cable)

The portable digital antenna from LogiLink is suitable for receiving DVB-T. The power supply is provided optional directly by an external power adapter or via Power Inserter directly through the coaxial cable. In addition to DVB-T ATSC, DMD-T, ISDB-T and SBTVD is supported. Ideally suited for HDTV. Built-in amplifier with low noise amplification. Suitable for VHF and UHF receiving.

Low Noise, Designed to Enhance HDTV Signal Reception

The digital terrestrial TV broadcasting is booming around the world. Many

countries start to provide digital terrestrial TV broadcasting service, and more
are expected to join to the trend of digital TV broadcasting. High definition
TV broadcasting is expected to be the next transformation of digital TV broad
casting. Trans is proud to provide VG0017 with extreme low noise amplifier and
better matching tech. design which can provide the best digital signal reception.
And the stylish housing design will make the antenna to fit with your HDTV and
digital home cinema perfectly.
• UHF/VHF reception
• Frequency Range: VHF: 47~230 MHz; UHF: 470~870MHz
• Amp. Gain: 20 ± 3dB
• Low Noise Amplifier Technology
• Stylish housing design
• Frame type standing unit
• Supports 2 powering options:
• Power Adapter: DC 12V (included)
• Coaxial cable powering: DC 5V (via Set Top Box)
Frequency Range VHF: 47~230 MHz ; UHF: 470~870MHz
Amp. Gain 20 ± 3dB
Noise Figure (Max.) < 4dB
O/P Return Loss < -6dB
RF Output Impedance 75 Ohm
RF Coaxial Cable IEC to IEC / 200cm
Power Adapter AC230V to DC12V/250mA
Antenna Power Required DC 5V / 40mA




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