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Начало Кабели Суичове и екстендери USB1.1 Extender 60m, RJ-45, UA0021D, LogiLink

USB1.1 Extender 60m, RJ-45, UA0021D, LogiLink

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technical data:

USB Line Extender
Connector 1: USB A male
Connector 2: USB A female
Extends up to 60 m
Extension over RJ45 Patch cable
Suitable for Mouse, Keyboard, Printer etc.
No drivers necessary
Patch cable not included
Length: 0.30 Meter
ROHS compliant


The U A0021D USB Line Extender b the UNIQUE UIC 4102 chipset enables you to e xtend USB devices up to 30 meters away over Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 cable without signal loss.

This LogiLink USB Line Extender consists of atransmitter and receiver unit separatel y . The transmitter connects to the local USB 1.1 or 2.0 ports on your PC and the receiver unit connects to the USB device. Use the Logilink USB Line Extender to overcome the USB distance restriction and e xpand device and PC locations and better organize productive office arrangements. The Logilink USB Lin e Ext e n der can h e l p e xt e n d a USB k e y b oa rd an d mous e d u r in g pre s e ntations, operate a barcode scanner in retail poin t - of-purchase applications, access a printer in another room and improve other USB applications without signal loss or interference.

It's lightweight and portable with no e xternal power supply or drivers required, making it ideal for travel and use almostanywhere. Plug and Play capability and Windows and Macintosh compatibility make installation easy and quick.

• Compliant with USB 1.1 standard
• Allows a USB device to extend cable length up to 60m
• Embedded USB 1.1 Transceivers prevents signal loss
• Easy connected by a Cat5e/6 networking cable
• In comparison with extension of cable using USB device like Hubs, Printer, Scanner, Mouse and Camera etc.
• Supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS
• WEB-Camera
• Surveillance Camera
• Printer
• Scanner
• Mouse
• Keyboard
• MP3..etc
Package Contents:
• 1 x USB Extender Receiver
• 1 x USB Extender Transmitter




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