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Начало Периферия Тонколони Speaker Logitech S120 Black, 2.3W RMS

Speaker Logitech S120 Black, 2.3W RMS

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Why to Buy

Sleek design and powerful audio performance

Sales benefits

2.0 Stereo speaker system
New design with contemporary gloss detail
Satellite base designed for greater stability on the desktop
Integrated power and volume control
Includes 3.5mm headphone jack
Improved acoustics with 2.3W RMS output
Available with EU (220V) or UK (240V) power supply

Logitech's S-120 2.0 stereo speaker system with its refresh design features enhanced acoustics delivering a smooth audio performance with low distortion. The S-120 speaker with its redesigned base offers sturdy design, strong audio performance and exceptional value for money. The integrated power and volume control is conveniently located on the satellite at your fingertips with an essential 3.5mm jack close by. Its commercial packaging has been optimised for system builders, integrators and value-added resellers. Available with EU (220V) or UK (240V) power supply.

Technical Specifications

- 2.0 Stereo speaker
- Speaker Power: RMS 2.3 W total
- Amber LED on when power on
- Adjustable volume up/down
- 3.5 mm headphone jack for privacy
- 5ft cable between 2 satellite speakers
- 5ft Audio cable to PC (3.5 mm audio plug)
- 5ft AC power cable

More Technical Sepc.
- Frequency Response: 80Hz~20KHz
- Driver: 2 inch 4 Ohm 5W
- THD: <10%
- Impedence: 4 Ohm
- Sensitivity: 200+/-50 mV at 1 KHz
300+/-50mV at 100 Hz
- Signal Noise Ratio: >55dB



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